[FEATURE REQUEST] Hiding of features you don't want to see

I, probably like many people here, look at the new features of each release of Dorico and assess I will only need 33% of them. In fact, one of the reasons I’m hesitating to upgrade to each new version is because I don’t want to navigate a maze of features/settings I don’t need. For example, I appreciate there are composers who have a great need for figured bass, however, I have never once in my entire life needed that. Why should I constantly run into those settings (etc) when scanning for something else I’m looking for? There are many other Mac applications that allow the user to “switch off” (uncheck from a list) advanced functionalities. Thus, I would encourage Dorico to develop a similar feature.

In general most Dorico features don’t add a great deal of visual “weight” to the user interface. Figured bass, for example, accounts for one button that you might actually see while you’re using the software in everyday use; there are a couple of menu items, and two pages in two dialogs. I don’t think there’s really a great deal to be gained by building a whole load of extra user interface just for the purpose of turning off other bits of it!

Appreciate your thoughts. Still, there are at least 50% of Dorico’s features I will never use. If there’s a way I could unclog my settings and visual interface, that would be an improvement to me. A tab in the settings to turn off certain functionalities should be doable :slight_smile:. Just a thought…

Hi David,

A hot key that may interest you is CMD + 0 on Mac. This hides the window panes and gives nearly all the screen real estate to the project itself. Using this, I personally haven’t felt intruded upon by all the features. They’re just in a tiny sliver on the sides, which I never look at anyway.

There’s a few more, like cmd 8 to open and close the properties tab at the bottom. Worth checking out to find what works for you!