Feature request: Hiding Tremolo Marks

This one isn’t a big deal but would be nice to be able to do.

Mandolins use tremolo as a playing technique but it usually isn’t notated. I would like to have tremolo for playback but not notated. So, being able to hide the tremolo marking would be a nice feature to have.

Do sampled mandolins normally include e.g. keyswitches to trigger tremolo playing? If so, then in theory you could pretty easily define a playing technique to trigger this keyswitch and then input that at the start of the flow, so you don’t have to worry about adding any tremolos to individual notes.

Yes, every mandolin sample I know of has a dedicated set of tremolos that use keyswitches. Since it’s such a common technique in mandolin playing, probably best to use the sampled tremolo anyways.

Right now I’m just using Noteperformer. I had a Chris Hein Mandolin years ago but I don’t think it’s been updated in years. The problem with it was that you couldn’t do expressive tremolo. That is, even though volume was controlled with a CC, volume could not be varied over the duration of the tremolo.

I haven’t looked recently but last time I looked there were no good mandolin samples out there. Most were just an afterthought in a bundled library. I think it’s rather low demand so I gave up looking.

Check out Pure Mandolin by Bolder Sounds. I like it a lot.

Thanks Dan, I will do that.