Feature Request - Import Folders to Media Pool

Currently only files can be imported into the Media Pool. If you want to mirror an existing folder structure you have to set it up manually in the Media Pool. It would save a lot of work if you could simply drag & drop (import) entire folders into the Media Pool.

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What you mean with Media Pool?

the pool is the place where you can find all audio files used in a project
the media bay is the access point to media libraries installed in your system

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I understand this for media files as part of the project pool and thats a very good idea.
Anything that could simplify the import of media files from a computer, that has been used for recording to another compuer, that is used for mixdown and production would be appreciated by me as well.
Its much too complicated as is.

I’m specifically talking about importing into the Media Pool. Theoretically I could use the Media Bay for my purposes, but I think it is intended more for libraries and such. The files I want to import are raw recordings. However, I may be wrong and the Media Bay is just fine for this task.

This does not exist… that’s why I asked…
The media bay holds all kinds of files no matter where they are located, inside a project or outside, the pool only holds files present in the project already…
If you import files to the project, they get copied to the pool (it’s possible to avoid this, but not recommended).
So it’s not the intention to import files that you would use maybe… it would clutter the pool with unused files…