Feature request: Improve adding lyrics


adding lyrics line by line is really taking up a lot of time and requires me to switch from text editor to VST Live and back.

Here are some suggestions for improvement:

  1. Paste from clipboard without hitting + Lyrics button
    If you have text in the clipboard and you paste it to the timeline please show the Add Lyrics modal with the text of the clipboard already in the input field. That way you can solely use the mouse to navigate and keyboard to enter text.

  2. Support multi-line text input
    Usually the lyrics are already split into multiple lines. A way to add multiple lyrics objects would be great. In the Add Lyrics Modal you could place a multi-line textfield and add an additional control for spacing the lyrics objects on the timeline, e.g. One Bar. Every line would be then added as a separate lyrics event. Even if it’s not perfectly placed moving existing objects on the timeline is much faster and can even be done while playback is active. So you could either paste entire parts or even the whole song lyrics, place them with appropriate spacing and do some final adjustments.

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Still on our list.
But 1) actually works, but due to a bug it only works with shift pressed. Will be fixed.