FEATURE REQUEST: Improved Auto Split progress indication

If you go into Auto Split and perform a recursive operation on a directory, no progress indicator is visible (appears to be doing nothing). However, if you click and drag the Auto Split window while the batch is in progress, a static progress pop-up will appear for the file currently being processed (persists until the mouse button is released). My guess is if the per-file operation is suitably quick, these progress indicators do not have time to render to the screen. In my experience, this behaviour is the norm rather than the exception.

Suggest iteratively logging each operation to a persistent output window (not sure if Background Tasks is a suitable candidate?). Something as simple as:

Processing blah.wav
Finished crop operation on blah.wav
Processing boo.wav
etc etc

-perhaps display per-operation progress bars in this window, rather than trying to display an individual progress pop-up for each file - ie. similar to the batch processor.

Or better yet, actually make Auto Split accessible from the batch processor.