Feature Request: Improved Mixing Environment

First, I want more than 16 colors to paint my tracks.

I want those colors to paint the entire mix channel … not just the label at the bottom.

But most importantly, I want this: Pro Tools 9 - Creating and Using Edit & Mix Groups - Mac OS X & Win 7 - YouTube … a sophisticated mix grouping system and virtual VCA faders.

This video doesn’t even show that PT can also group send levels, so if you have a drum group and use send 2 on each channel to send to a reverb, once you set up your individual channel reverbs you can link the send levels and change them while keeping the relative balance.

IMO a mix grouping system is the weakness that prevents Cubase from being unquestionably the greatest DAW.

Bring it on, Steiny!



To make sure I understand, you’re saying if you use cubase’s “Link channels” function, your sends wouldn’t adjust too? I think they would work as long as the send is pre-fader, right?

edit i re-read your post and understand. +1 on grouping sends.


This is one of the best features of ProTools. Hope it makes it to Cubase soon :slight_smile:

Right … you’ve got it. It wouldn’t affect prefader sends, but it does affect postfader sends. To make it completely clear: linking track faders and linking track sends are two different things.

  1. Adjusting track levels within a group, as in PT, keeps the overall balance in the mix between the track channel and the amount of that track’s postfader send in the master buss … since as the levels change, so does the amount of each track level going to any postfader send from that track.

  2. Grouping the send level of the group tracks within the buss is a second thing. Once you have set the relative send amount on a common send, say sending ‘send’ 2 postfader from all drum tracks to a common reverb, you can now link/ group the send levels themselves sending more or less to the send while preserving the relative balance between the send of each track and keeping the actual track levels unchanged. With the VCA faders, you can even automate this! Like in the famous ‘walking away from the piano’ effect where the footsteps get more and more reverb as the level also drops to emulate a moving distance into the background.


ya i always get post and pre fader mixed up. I always use post fader sends for my reverbs so maintaining the relative volumes hasn’t been an issue for me.

But this is the point: If you send to a buss and use the buss level to mix to the master buss, your relative send levels in the mix from those tracks will be changed from how you set them on the track level. You are making the output of those tracks through the buss louder or softer, but leaving the send levels in the mix unchanged. This changes things from how you wanted them to sound when you set the send level from the track.

I suppose this could be worked around to some extent by also including any fx tracks or busses that you’d sent to within that buss … but then any fx could only be used with that grouping and not across all of your tracks.

Of course, if you aren’t grouping track faders, then this makes no difference. But if you are … or want to, this is where PT blows C6 out of the water.


+1, plus free routing of audio PLEASE :mrgreen:

What everyone said above, and lets go further… independent track ordering as opposed to the project window, modular channel strips, and even go as far as skins.

A great deal of the creative process is mixing, both during and after tracking… the mixer is a weak feature in Cubase compared to many other DAWs. This needs to be improved upon. IMHO :sunglasses: