FEATURE REQUEST: Increased Automation Curve Precision

I’ve noticed that on Cubase 6.0.6 (Mac OSX, but presumably on Windows as well), the automation track is being plagued by something that may be undesirable. I’m attempting to draw very steep parabolas from 127 to 0 and vice versa, but the program only creates curves that go to 5 and approximately 123 when I attempt to create them. This occurs with less drastic slopes as well, but in most cases, attempting to draw steep inclines results in failure to achieve the desired result.

In order to determine if this problem is affecting other users, I created a steinberg forums topic. Indeed, others are reporting the same issue, including users of Cubase 6.5.

This following link showcases the problem:


Also, this is the aforementioned topic:


After discussing the possible issue with Steinberg support, we have concluded that the “problem” I’m describing has existed for many versions, including 5.5. The parabolas AND lines don’t seem to be programmed to stretch correctly at extremely steep angles.

My additional experiments have confirmed that the zoom or scale of the automation pane determines how difficult it is to create a complete parabola. The line tool is also affected by the same problem.

Neither turning the snap/quantize on and off, nor adjusting the quantize settings resolves the issue.

So, if indeed this is not a problem, I am asking for a feature that allows the user to adjust the accuracy of a parabola, line, etc. Despite the fact that points can be manually adjusted, I think that what I propose can be extremely useful to a person and his workflow.

Is this a feasible suggestion, and what would everyone like to have changed should the suggestion be taken by Steinberg? I personally believe that this shouldn’t be a feature, but a bugfix.

I’m looking forward to responses.

Thank you.



This is bizarre. So what is the temporary solution? Take out the pencil tool and draw in the remaining values until you get to 127?

It is bizarre indeed, and support claims that this has existed since version 5.5 or earlier. I can not fathom how this could have gone unnoticed. Yes, it seems that the temporary solution is to scale the automation window to maximum size, and or, use the pencil tool. It’s a rather poor and temporary method…especially for a perfectionist such as myself. Keep in mind that the problem affects ranges other than 0-127.

Basically, I’d like to convince Steinberg to update Cubase with a solution as soon as possible.

Lol, actually I occasionally got ”serious error, save your work” messages when using the line/curve tools in the key editor. maybe this is connected. It was so random I never bothered to report it.

Yep and let us manipulate lines etc in Key Edit.

u mean the in place editor?

Never use IPE, only Key Editor (xml drum edit would only be useful in this situation).

Then I don’t understand, because you can edit MIDI CC in the key editor. Do you mean automation lines? That would be a great feature actually, because there are some limitations to CC7 as a volume controller and reasons you would want to use the channel volume automation alongside MIDI in the same view.

Yes to interchangeable automations and MIDI CC’s however I was referring to Key Edit in that I want to be able to expand a drawn line or alter/manipulate its’ shape without having to re-draw, which I think means if possible would allow steeper curves in the sample editor for example, as well as automation in the project page.

This same problem applies to automation lanes in the channel page (not sure what it’s called…where all events are laid out…default page with channels/outs on the left) Thus, the problem may apply to ALL editors.

While we are discussing limitations of CC editing, I’d like a CC 64 (sustain) that is actually continuous, and not simply on/off.

Getting on track, do you all think you could spread the word that this problem exists so that it could be noticed?

It’s one problem of many but the good thing about putting posts in the lounge, is that they will accumulate more page views as the informal sub-forum moves more slowly than the product forums and thus you are likely to garner more comments over time.

That sounds good to me. Thanks.
Well then, I invite people to propose ways to work around the problem temporarily.

Unrelated, but it would be nice if the parameter/CC lanes had lock buttons, so the pencil tool and “pointer used to resize the panes” wouldn’t interfere. I imagine something similar to the lock button on the Native Instruments Kontakt Quick Load menu.

Well I’m sure that this will be noticed.

I must ask: how did people cope with this problem in the past, and why hasn’t it been noticed before?

Support has sent me this message:

I checked with our developers and they confirmed that the reason the parabola cannot be used in a small space is the 128 points of CC data. They also recommended using triangle or another shape and adjusting by hand from there. Thank you.

I’m still not sure why CC data is being cut. How strange.

It’s not a graphic design application, but I think it could benefit from more malleable functions in this area.

Of course, everything is good within reason. I’m merely proposing a more accurate curve adjustment system to remedy the phenomenon I present in the video.

I suppose that the developers think that this behavior is normal…it’s a shame, because Studio One Version 2, which is actually similar to Cubase in some ways, has no problems allowing me to draw a perfectly vertical line.