FEATURE REQUEST: Increment and save

Hello Steinberg Cubase programmers,

Here is a feature I often use in Adobe After Effects and would like to see added to Cubase:
Choose File > Increment And Save, or press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+S (Windows) or Command+Option+Shift+S (Mac OS). A copy of the current project is saved in the same folder as the original project. The name of the copy is the name of the original followed by a number. If the name of the original ends with a number, that number is increased by 1.

I’ve been a Cubase user for the past 15 years or so and I’ve often thought how helpful it would be to have this feature in Cubase. Can you please add it to a future update? If there is a better, more official, way to submit a feature request please let me know.

Fellow Cubase users, would you find this feature useful? Has this feature already been requested?


Page 51 of the manual: For Mac- Command+Option+ S.

It’s been available for as long as I can remember and has saved me numerous times-great feature

Awesome! Didn’t know that one. Thanks for the tip :slight_smile:

Ctrl+Alt+S for windows.


here a reply from our developers here at Steinberg HQ:

_this was added in Nuendo 1.5 - a Wolfgang Kundrus key command only feature (without a menu entry or any other GUI)

  • so it was in Cubase SX right from the start…_



Great news! Good to know that feature is there.

Note, for this feature to work correctly your Cubase files need to be named in a specific way. Cubase’s “increment and save” feature needs the file to end with a hyphen (or dash) then the number. For instance “song-01” instead of “song v01” or “song1” etc. Otherwise you end up with filenames like “song v01-01” or “song1-01” etc. The “increment and save” in After Effects (and Cinema 4D) works with any filename ending in a number. It simply increments that number by one and saves the file.

I typically name my Cubase files like “song v01” but will revise my naming to include a hyphen and omit the “v” if this Cubase feature isn’t refined to include the broader naming convention. Is this feature tweak something you will consider? Adding it to the File menu would be useful too.