Feature Request: Independent Fermatas

Maybe this already exists (?) but so far as I can tell when you put in a fermata it goes into the same rhythmical point across all parts. Firstly, I am quite happy that this is the default, considering how many of my students and scores I have to give this feedback to. It’s absolutely true: under normal circumstances, EVERYBODY must see ALL the SAME fermatas.

However, there are points, like this one, where I want - and in fact need - different fermatas in different parts. A simple solution: fermatas could also exist in the playing techniques dialogue and be added individually to parts if desired?

You could add the three fermatas to the Playing Techniques and save them as Default (with the star button). In the Edit menu they are included in the “holds and pauses” range.

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I definitely have my fermatas saved in Playing techniques for those rare occasions where I don’t need/want the “proper” fermata notation (on all staves).

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