Feature request: info on splash screen

Make Dorico show at the splash screen, so when it is starting, what it is doing. Now there’s only the message ‘Audio engine: waiting for connection’, but in the background there’s a lot going on like scanning of VST2 and VT3 plugins. Sometimes Dorico needs a long time to scan, especially when you’ve added new libraries, or did a fresh install, like I did. Because it takes pretty long to scan all those plug-ins, but there’s nothing happening onscreen, you think Dorico has stalled, or is even crashing. But if there could be text in the bottom of the splash screen, describing the running process - like in Cubase when the programm starts -, you would know the software is still running as expected, so you just have to wait, instead of worrying if Dorico is runnning or not and you have to look it up in the task manager f.e. to check if everything is okay.

Thanks for the feedback. I don’t believe we have a mechanism at present to receive this kind of information from the audio engine (which runs as a separate process) so that Dorico could display it on its splash screen, but it’s something we could certainly consider for the future.

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Thanks, Daniel, for chiming in. It would be great if you and your team could look into this.

I have to add to this that I think the best option I know is from Studio One; when the programm starts, all plug-ins are scanned and this is visual in a seperate window. This scan at start can be switched on or off in the options, but this way the user is perfectly informed about what’s happening in the background and is not left guessing what is going on, like we are with the Dorico splash screen. Here sometimes nothing seems to be happening, but background processes are very busy.

It’s a funny thing though. As a nearly daily user of Studio One, I don’t really care that it shows all these things. Yes, you can watch them whizz by, but I only do it out of sheer boredom while waiting until I can actually DO something. I’d be just as content if there was a plain progress bar, or blinking “ . . . ” until it was ready. Considering the fact that you cannot interact with this splash screen at all, I suppose the only benefit to its existence is you can see if a process fails.

In that case what I’ve seen done is a disclosure arrow you can open up the ‘log’ or whatever to see what’s happening. Good to have the details because if it gets stuck ‘…’ won’t tell you anything. Personally I don’t like spinning wheels, …'s, and the like, I’d prefer details.

Yes, that’s exactly my point; now you just have to wait, not knowing if something is stalling the software. Especially the first time Dorico scans all the plug-ins, or after you’ve added new plug-in folders and Dorico scans them, you get totally no info. I agree that you can’t do anything in the Studio One progress bar, but at least you know the programm is stil running, doing its thing.