Feature request: instrument filter show only players with 'data'

In Cubase, there’s this great filter option that I use all the time in a larger orchestral template, called “Show Tracks with Data” which I have mapped to a keyboard shortcut -

cubase filter

Essentially it only shows me tracks which have regions or automation - basically anything with music.

I was thinking write mode in Dorico could have something similar for those of us writing with templates, especially larger orchestral templates. Currently the filters allow you to select instruments and create filters from them, but it would be nice to able to simply have it show me only players which have music. Or looking at it the opposite way, hide all empty players.

In the meantime I’ve set up a Keyboard Maestro macro to achieve this for me and it works ok: cmd+A to select everything > filter selection to only notes (so basically any rests and text are deselected, leaving only players with actual music) > create instrument filter from selection. But a native shortcut (or option in the filter dropdown) would be even better!