Feature request, instrument name language change

I recently switched a Dorico file’s language to French as I’m copying a Ravel score to become more familiar with the programme. I was surprised that all instrument names were not changed to the French defaults immediately—this has to be done one by one in Setup mode. Perhaps I’m missing something?
Also why are the default names for string instruments almost all English? Why not violon, alto and violoncelle in French, violino, alto in Italian, Geige, Bratsche in German?
Thanks for your time.

The default instrument names can’t be changed retrospectively, unless you do them manually. If you want French names, change the language before you start adding instruments.

Thus it was called feature request.
And I request this too.

I opened a new file and added some instruments, changing the language between each one. Strange things happen…
French - add harp: Harpe
Italian - add trumpet: Tromba
English - add bassoon: Bassoon
German - add bassoon: Bassoon 2
Italian - add horn: Corno
German - add timpani: Pauken

I know it’s not a priority fix/feature, but it would be nice if changing language changed all instrument names instantly to their defaults. It’s hard to imagine people not wanting this.

I am trying to create a new instrument. I’ve changed the instrument language to French, but instead of Violon the new instrument shows English name Violin.

It doesn’t work retrospectively. If you add a new violin, you’ll see it’s called Violon.
You can proceed with the players’ context menu > Change instrument > violon, it should work :wink:

Resetting the instrument names should work as well (after changing the instrument name language).


Yes, I know, that it doesn’t work retrospectively. I am speaking about the situation when I create a new instrument after the instrument language change.
I found out this: If there is at least one Violin in the score before instrument language change, the newly created violin doesn’t follow the instrument language change. If there is no Violin in the score before instrument language change, names of new instruments follow the instrument language change. It looks, that the reason for this behavior is, that Dorico is not able to show two language versions of the same instrument in one score. The instrument name created in original language version always takes precedence.

Thanks, Lillie, Resetting the instrument names function fits the problem perfectly.