[Feature Request] Instrument Rack Output Activation


I’d like to have a better way to activate and deactivate the outputs in the instrument rack.

Problem: right now there’s only the possibility to activate or deactivate one output at the time (check or uncheck). After that the audio-engine resets to apply the change right away. If you deactivate there’s also an extra error message. If you have to change a lot, this becomes very annyoing.

Suggestion: One dialogue where you check and uncheck all outputs as needed. Then hit apply, which applies the changes to the Cubase Project. :bulb:



Hello Kai,

just a quick question: do you know always how much outputs you need from a VST instrument when you start a project ?

What do you mean exactly with “extra error message” ?



Hi Chris,

I think Kai means when cubase gives the dialog to ask whether or not you wish to deactivate the selected outputs.

Ah OK,

I cannot tell much, but improvements will come in the future.



Sounds really cool, looking forward :wink:

I think there was a post in the Lounge, about someone asking for greater differentiation between identical VST Rack Based instruments, well using presets is one way but I wonder how might there be a friendly name for that purpose.

Dragging & dropping of VST Instruments on the Rack would definitely be a plus, not to mention having the Preset format itself remembering the output configuration of multi-timbral instruments, this would absolutely kick some very serious competitor gluteus maximus.

Cheers & thanks for letting everyone know that Steinberg has our concerns next to their hearts.

Oh yes, making instruments in the rack show more than just their name would be ace, it’s always a gamble which is which if you’re using the same instrument multiple times.
Best would be to simply be able to give them a name in the rack.

Hi Strophoid

Using presets solves this problem in part, while at the same time saving the “internal” output configuration of a VST instrument on the rack, which is handy but I guess what people are saying is it does not go far enough.