FEATURE REQUEST: iPad (and tablets) page custom sizes

Hi all, why not including iPad (and or tablets in general) screen specific sizes under Page Setup in the Layout Options?

This is my reference:

For example, to be used with my 12.9" 3rd-gen iPad Pro, I set width 195.58 and height 261.62mm (conversion from inches).

Or, at least, is it possible to save a custom size as a single ‘template’, without having to Save as Default? There are some situations in which I know the exact screen each musician will use, so I could personalise their (and mine) experience :slight_smile:


I have never had a problem with either letter size or A4 scaling on my iPad.


I use letter dimensions for iPad scores. Scaling isn’t a “problem” per se, but letter is not the same proportion as as iPad. It’s slightly narrower IIRC.

One thing I notice is that I need different margins for iPad scores than the margins I use for printed material. I view PDFs on the iPad using ForScore, and if I use regular printing margins, the iPad margins are unnecessarily large. Whenever I need to make a score for both printing and iPad viewing, I make two layouts with different margins: my printing margins are about 15 mm. and those for the iPad are around 5 mm. The latter makes a slightly larger rastral size possible which is pleasant for reading on the iPad.


I seem to remember going though this with other software and found the Concert size available as an option which was the iPad proportions (from memory) but I remember also making a Custom size otherwise (4:3).
I reduce the margins to about 3mm because large ones are not necessarily needed.
Other (paper) sizes like A4 would resize to fit, which was not what I wanted.
It’s a while since I had to think about this, but hopefully this might be useful.