Feature Request/Issue: Chord Diagram Editing in Dorico 5 Pro

Hello everyone,

I’ve encountered an issue in Dorico 5 Pro that I find quite inconvenient and wanted to share here for both potential solutions and to see if others have the same experience. The problem arises with the editing of chord diagrams. Currently, the editing functionality for chord diagrams becomes unavailable when you choose the option to display chord diagrams only at the beginning of a piece, rather than above every chord.

This setup requires frequently toggling the display option in Setup mode if you need to edit the diagrams throughout the composition process. It’s a bit cumbersome and interrupts the workflow, especially when dealing with complex arrangements.

Is anyone else experiencing this? Any workarounds would be greatly appreciated. Additionally, it might be beneficial for the development team to consider allowing chord diagram editing regardless of their display settings to streamline the composition process.

Thanks for any input or suggestions!

This is indeed a bit awkward at present.

What I would suggest for the time being is to add another player, set to use the same tuning as your main player, and exclude that player from the layout where the chord diagrams will be shown before the first system.

When you need to edit the chord diagrams, switch to the layout for the extra player: the chord diagrams will appear above the staff in their natural rhythmic positions, and you can edit them there.

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Thank you for your suggestion.

However, would it be possible in the interim of the next minor updatets to at least enable the “Show All Variants Of Chord Diagram” window? While this option is available in the right-click menu (is not grayed out), it currently does not display the edit dialog, which seems something not intentional. Enabling this simple possibility could significantly streamline the editing process without needing to switch between different layouts or players.

Thank you for considering this enhancement to improve functionality and user experience.

Unfortunately, it would be difficult to achieve this in the short term, for boring technical reasons.