Feature Request/Issue/Quirk: Toggle Close Colour Palette?

I’m on 10.5

For me, pressing the Colour Palette key command twice, doesn’t open and then close it.

The only way to close it is to click the Window ‘X’ close


Could you be more specific, please? What command exactly do you mean? There is no “Colour Palette” command in the Key Commands window.

The command is called:

‘Set Track/Event Color’ and it brings up the colour palette window, it seems like something that should be a toggle, but isn’t.


I see. The command is named ‘Set Track/Event Color’, so it just opens the window.

The command would me named ‘Open/Close Colorize Selected Tracks’ (or something like this) to be a toggle of the window.

I would recommend to add the Feature Request tag to this one.

Yeah exactly,

I did tag as feature request