Feature Request: Keep window on top


It would be nice to force an Open window such as VSTi ( Kotakt, …), mixer, etc. to remain on top while we are working on another task ( tweaking Expression maps) in conjunction with them. For instance,

  1. Open a VSTi, say Kontakt 5
  2. Open expression map editor ( this (need to hide)/hides Kontakt window)
  3. Create a playing technique with say a key switch
  4. try to view it in Kontakt! Kontakt is hidden/under the main window! You need to unhide it again.

Other examples are for the mixer as soon as you insert a plugin it hides ( I know the Dorico team is aware of this and @dspreadbury has explained it to me ).

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Daniel has more than once explained why this is not possible.

Your best bet is to split your screen.

Still doesn’t work on my end. After I insert a plugin in order to see the mixer I MUST click on Dorico. Please see the zipped screen recording, please. The main menu ( of mac) shows that I am in Dorico however when I press F3 it doesn’t bring up the mixer.

Mixer closes.mov.zip (2.5 MB)

Even if it works, as I can devote my screens ( out of 3) to the mixer. But then I have to move my mouse to another display and press on Dorico. Maybe I am doing something wrong! Please advise if you can! Thank you.

Split screen works for me.

If you’re on Windows, you need to get Power Toys. It has a smart window function that I love. Basically custom zones.

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You can put any window on top using DeskPins, a miniature program (for Windows OS).

This doesn’t work on Mac as my video shows! Why one needs to split the window & lose so much space. Even if it was possible on Mac, Then we need to maximize Dorico again.

Not on Mac, unfortunately!

Is it the same reason, I cannot have VST window (say Play) and Expression Maps (editor) open at the same time?

Yes, that’s correct.