feature request: key command for "disable track"

“disable track” is an awesome new function in cubase 6, but there is no key command for it yet…

It’s been there for as long as I can remember!!!

+1. But also add Disable Selected Tracks with key command too. It’s a pain right now because you have to do it for one track at a time.


Hi :slight_smile:

As stated,

  1. This is not a new feature. Been around since v3, I think, and

  2. There is already a KC for this. KC > Audio > Disable/Enable Track. Should be about the 13th one down, I think?

Umm, no you don’t have to do it for one track at a time. The KC works for all selected tracks.

Unless this was broken in v6 and no longer works?

Actually, yes, I stand corrected. Multiple selection works! I just tested it from the menu. Ah well, I was sure that I was having trouble with this a while back but then sometimes I have to use SX3 for old projects so it could be that…


what bugs me about disable tracks is that it doesn’t disable vst2 plugins. A bounce with half the plugins on disabled tracks takes just as long as when all tracks are enabled.

Are you sure vst2 plugins are not disabled? I’ve never tested this, but according to Steinberg, disabling a track should disable the plugins too.


I was under the impression that you had to turn off the effects as well as disabling the track - haha, but again, could be old info!! I thought disabling the track just stopped the audio from being streamed from disk (while muting on the other hand just stops the output).