Feature request: key command for export tempo track

Its times like these that I ask why Steinberg, why? Why is there key commands for exporting and importing tons of different stuff but for some reason there is no key command for export/import tempo track. Wouldn’t this be an easy feature to implement? Key commands for everything?

Is there a tempo construct in OMF or some other format?

I dont think so, its just the function “Export - Tempo Track”. You can assign a key command to “Export - OMF” but you cant for “Export - Tempo Track”

Right. What are exporting to? If there isn’t a format how is it useable?

well the format for the tempo track is called .smf i think. the reason to export the tempo track is so that it can be imported into a different .cpr project. It just seems odd that there is a key command for practically everything but other things like this get overlooked.

smf is a MIDI file. That does have tempo markers and such. I wonder if it has the precision to work with the track tempos. Interesting idea.