Feature Request: Key command for routing

I would like a key command that opens the routing menu for the selected track. The key command would essentially click “Stereo Out” on the selected track, and then I would use the arrow keys to scroll through to options and select a bus. You could have a key command for input routing also.

Another annoyance is that Instrument tracks have no routing information in the inspector. You have to go to the mixer view or channel settings view to change the routing of an instrument track. If all tracks had an in/out routing in the inspector views this would be a lot simpler, and the key command I’m describing could be programmed to be applicable to all tracks and not excluding instrument tracks.

If memory serves (correct me if I’m wrong), you can (from the inspector) control the input and output routing of an instrument track.
MIDI input, audio (stereo) output.

Nope. The icons aren’t even consistent, compared to an audio track. On an audio track you have two icons, one for Stereo input, one for Stereo output. On the instrument track inspector, they use the same icons but instead it is for MIDI Input, and the VST instrument it is routed to. Makes perfect sense, eh? :laughing: To use the same icon for different things?

On an instrument track all 4 of these parameters should all be on the inspector pane where im likely to use them frequently. In, Out, MIDI, and VST routing. Thats what I’d like to see on my instrument inspector pane.

I’ve attached a picture to show the icons I’m describing.
audio track.JPG
stereo IO.JPG

Is the instrument track (in your pictures) pointing to the VST instrument and preset assigned to the track?
Or to the VST instrument rack?

Technically they’re both input and output. The track type would then differentiate.

The JPG images are taken from the side pane when a track is selected in the project view. (I think this side pane window on the left side is called the inspector, right?)

In the case of the Stereo IO.jpg, the arrows are pointing to the play VST, which is the current instrument loaded in the instrument track, not the VST instrument rack.

No, the icon is very consistently used for the same thing: input to the track and output from the track. That the input in your case is stereo in, means nothing: the icon is for input - what’s next to it is the current one in use. I do agree with you though, that it would be very convenient to see the audio output of the used VSTi in the inspector as well.