Feature Request: Key Command/Macros: Allow Macros to be Organized into Folders | and | Macro Search Bar

I have so many macros and try my damn best to organize them with name tags and consistency, but it would still be helpful and less anxiety inducing to just be able to organize things into folders.

Also would be helpful is to have a search bar dedicated to the macro section


!!! Important Note: If this was done, make sure it wouldn’t break connection protocol to PLE both directions.

I have made some similar request at least twice so long back it was the last thing the dinosaurs ever read …
It’s just an XML file Cubase reads on startup, so for users who feel comfortable with rearranging their Key Commands/Macros and knows how to save the day when they screw up without crying why not let them? You can save your KCs already so? And you don’t have to poke around if you don’t want to …

I usually append something about using the open space to the right of the commands column in the left pane for short descriptions of the sometimes more than cryptic command names. After all the Key Commands dialog is resizable so why not use that?

Yes! It’s really needed. The same way PLE presets can be easily organized into folders even from outside Cubase. It’s very needed.

I tried to add folders myself editing the xmls, but nothing came out of it. I guess the only profit I would get if I kept pushing it would be busted presets. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: