[feature request] key command option for "Hide intensity marking."

Dear users and developers,

There seems to be no option to allocate a key command for the dynamics property “Hide intensity marking” in Dorico preference; it also appears that nobody has suggested this feature unless I have missed any posts mentioning this request. ( I only read the titles of the searched result. Sorry for it!) If it is already on the wish list or the developer team’s task plan, I sincerely apologise for the duplicated feature request!

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You probably can create your own command in your keycommands_yourlanguage.json file. To see what command you need to input there, use a cisyom macro hiding dynamics and open this macro in a proper programming software (I mean such as Sublime or any TEX program).
Respect the json syntax when you copy that code and hopefully you should have created your own command :wink:
Post here if you encounter problems in the process.
[Edit]: of course it’s not really what you’re asking for, you’ll still need to select the dynamics before invoking this command… Just wondering whether hide dynamics can be accessed through the jump bar, which would then allow to create a custom key command…

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Thank you for letting me know this way!
However, the new “jump bar” feature does not support “Hide intensity marking”.
The following code is from usermacro:

local app=DoApp.DoApp()
app:doCommand([[UI.InvokePropertyChangeValue?Type=kDynamicHideIntensityMarking&Value=null: ]])

However, I do not know how to transcript it into the “keycommands_en.json” file since there are several categories. Currently, I can revoke it by pressing cmd+alt+shift+R. It should work unless I do not add more scripts or macros.

Does this help? (It’s old) I just searched for json.

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Thanks a lot.
I added the following code:

						"UI.InvokePropertyChangeValue?Type=kDynamicHideIntensityMarking&Value=null" : [ "Meta+Shift+Alt+D" ] 

into the kGlobal category as follows:

	"common" : {
		"contexts" : [
				"context" : "kGlobal",
				"shortcuts" : [
						"UI.InvokePropertyChangeValue?Type=kDynamicHideIntensityMarking&Value=null" : [ "Meta+Shift+Alt+D" ] 

It seems to work, but no signpost appears when the intensive marking turns invisible. It is no problem if there are other words (prefix or suffix) with intensive marking. However, it is problematic when there is only intensive marking without any text.

Do you have Dynamics ticked in the Signpost menu?

That’s all I’ve got sorry!

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Yes, the option “Dynamics” is checked in the Signpost menu.
Currently, I have three options to hide intensity markings in dynamics as follows:

  1. clicking “Hide intensity marking” on the properties panel
  2. selecting usermacro under the Script menu
  3. using the key command defined as illustrated after the recommended instruction.

The dynamics without any prefix and suffix always appear as signposts when hiding intensity marking using the first two methods.
However, the dynamics without any prefix and suffix always disappear without signposts when hiding intensity marking using the third method.

You do not need to say sorry; I have got help from you. Thank you very much!

That’s very odd. Option 3 works absolutely fine here - I get the purple signpost reliably when using the custom keyboard shortcut.
Aug-23-2022 11-13-48

Which version of Dorico are you running, and on which operating system? (I’m on 4.2 on macOS 12.5.1)

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I am using Dorico under macOS 12.5.1.
I am attaching my keycommands_en.json file.
I might have done something wrong.

keycommands_en.json.zip (901 Bytes)

You missed the trailing colon: (Value=null:" etc.)


Thank you sincerely!
The problem is resolved!

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