Feature Request: Key command to set Quick Controls 1-8 in learn mode

As described in the subject, it would be wonderful if we could get a key command that will activate the learn mode for a specific slot for Quick Controls. That would make it 10 times easier to map things quickly and also make Quick Controls 10 times more powerful.

Thanks in advance

It would also be great to have a key command for “Get Default QCs from Plug-in”. This would be handy as enabling a disabled track seems to reset the quick controls. With the new key command, a simple macro could enable a track AND set the QCs, that would be amaizing!


Totally. Basically having the whole QC part key command enabled :slight_smile:

This would make very much sense if there was many QC. I think one idea with QC is that you should be able to have control of many plugins from the same panel. So you should put your plugins in to some of your own “channel-strip” with your QC and plugins defined. For me that have not worked that well. To many combinations of plugins. I think we need a lot more than 8 QC channels to be really useful. 8 does not even cover the need to for a single EQ. Add to that a middle layer, a bit like the softube console 1, so you always get the same functions on each knob. (And that function should then be mapped to a QC on CC121 or what ever)

Well I guess the 8 QC’s come from some of the controllers available at the time they made it, such as the Mackie Controller. And the idea might be more that you specify the 8 main function you wanna control for that channel. Which is why being able to change QC value faster through learn (as you can’t right click learn on VST2 plugins) would be essential.

But I also agree presets are handy. It’s a way of having a setup that is always the same and can work across multiple channels.
So maybe we should also have access to that Preset drop down through key commands then, so that could be changes faster.

Could also easily see QC be expanded with more channels as there are plenty of devices that could support that.

They did not map QC to MCU. They the CMC-QC is modular so it should obvious that more QC would give more sales. And there are lot of controllers that has more then 8. The Mackie is also intended to be used with up to 4 units in a cluster so 32 is the natural limit for the very old Mackie, but they have the page function so you could have more then one page. A Twister has 16 and switch on each. So with a single of them you can do 32 QC. The now very old and BCR2000 32 knobs. And they were cheep. A home studio could fit in 4. Giving 128 physical knobs. It should be the users capability that is the limitation, not the technology.

+1, check my poll