Feature Request: Key commands for left / right locator

Just starting with Cubasis on iPad Pro 2021/iOS 15. Works great so far (few crashes, but no data loss due to auto save). Congrats to the team!
I’m a long time Cubase user so I’d appreciate some more key commands for Cubasis, especially jumping to left / right locator with number keys (1 = left, 2 = right, 0 = beginning of song).
I also find the selection indicator (bubbling lasso) a bit confusing and would prefer just to be able to draw the rectangle right away without the leading animation, but I guess that is just a matter of taste.

Hi @nok,

Cubasis supports shortcuts since version 3.2, which comes with two presets.

See the feature demonstrated in our Cubasis 3.2 tutorial and our online help.

Does this help to answer your question?

Best wishes,

Thanks a lot for responding, I’ll give it a try!
Would be awesome though to add the locator shortcuts to the mobile preset :slight_smile: