Feature Request - Key Editor in Nuendo 13


I have been getting used to the latest version of Nuendo and it’s quite decent in terms of efficiency of operation and resource usage, even on a resource constrained machine (I use only VST instruments on this particular workstation).

I like the new look, it is very sleek and allows for many more options that I am sure much of which, will come in the future, hint: routing and accessibility of related functions.

Regarding the Key Editor, though I find it quite strange that what I see as completely unrelated elements, e.g., transport operation being affected by interaction with visibility functions; it is quite disconcerting that I would be taken to a different location just because I choose to show or hide a particular MIDI part.

This situation needs to be addressed, as does the inability to show/hide MIDI parts completely, in the upper section of the Key Editor, notwithstanding the fact that the actual editing area for MIDI events is shifted up or down, depending on which part is selected.

In other words, I personally don’t need a visual representation of MIDI parts, unless I choose to see them, and if I do, then I do not want the position of MIDI notes to be alter ed, just because one part is currently being edited.


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Something I would like to add to this feature request is to ask: if having the Visibility Inspector in the Key Editor is to alleviate the need to continually return to the project page to add or remove MIDI parts, then exactly that is happening by virtue of needing to solo parts before re-entering the Key Editor, which would mean that some kind of Solo function would need to be created to make this new feature worthwhile.

Good thing though that SB are innovating, as I have always known them to do.


What’s more, the Global Tracks method of expanding vertically, differs from that of the Visibility Inspector part viewer. In addition, you need to expand the latter area in order to be able to see the former, which is most unfortunate, as is parts expanding automatically by default.