[Feature Request] Lanes sizes lost when saving

Cubase 6.5.0 OSX 10.6.8

I resize my lanes and save the project. When I open the project later, the lanes are not the same size as when I saved. See the attached quicktime video for a demonstration.
CubaseScreenSnapz008.mov (645 KB)

According to the instructions here https://www.steinberg.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=3400 , I’m supposed to bump this a few times until Steinberg replies.

According to the same instructions, you should put a question mark behind BUG, since it may be an issue for you only, and therefor not a bug. “May I therefore kindly ask you not to start threads like: “BUG!!!” in the title! Most of the time, a question mark is more appropriate.”

Lane sizes are fine here and changes are saved to the project.

Here happens the same, lane sizes are not saved.
It is ennoying to resize them every time I open a project.
Cubase 6.5.1, Win7, both 64 bits

All seems fine here.
Can not reproduce your example lanes stay as saved.
Cubase 6.5.1, 64bit Win7


If you really want this to be recognised as a bug, you need to come up with a reproducible case that people can use to confirm. The way it is now, nothing will happen, since some have no problem and some do.

Sorry, I don’t understand. I supplied a video that showed a reproducible case that people can use to confirm. Of course, this problem may be specific to OSX. If so, I wouldn’t expect someone running on Windows would be able to reproduce it.

Well, the video is a demonstration of what happens on your system. I didn’t see it because I need to install a Quicktime plugin to Firefox that I have no interest in. It is not a reproducible case as requested in the bugbase topic. As it says there;
2. We need a detailed reproducible case
This should be documented like this (example):

  • Create empty project
  • Add an audio track
  • Arm “record-enable” on track
  • Hit record button
    -> Result = Crash

I believe supplying a video goes above and beyond the call of duty in providing details to reproduce the problem. I made the video to help Steinberg reproduce the problem and I’m quite certain they are capable of viewing it. Forum members are welcome to view it as well, if they are interested in trying to reproduce the problem, but the video was made for Steinberg.

OK, last try… I can make a very similar video, showing Steinberg and everyone else that there is no problem, since lane sizes are remembered on my system. Just do what they ask of you, if you are serious about this ‘issue’. :unamused:

Ok tested on my system same result win 64bit cubase 32bit.
But it only effects the sublanes of a track and i don’t know why it should be important to make them small doesn’t it makes that way it is more sense to have a better overview.

Also tryed to find an option in the projectsetup but couldn’t find anything.
Just for the wonder i would like to know why on some system it gets saved and on another one not :wink:

since lane sizes are remembered on my system

Your talking about a normal midilane or audiolane
or the sublanes for example you use whit comping

Greetz Bassbase

It’s important for the same reason track resizing is important. It’s how you make the best use of limited screen space. Especially when working with lots of takes. And especially when selecting takes instead of splitting and comping them. In that case you don’t need to see a detailed waveform, but you do need them to take up only a minimum of screen space.

In general, it’s important that the project window look the same when you open the project it as it did when you saved it.

‘Normal’ midilanes or audiolanes are called tracks AFAIK. So yeah, I’m talking about lanes in the sense of takes of one track, used with comping.

HI Arjan P

Just ask to be sure we talk about same :wink: my native languages isn’t english.
Now would it be interresting whats the difference is between your setup and ours where its not saving the change size of the lanes. If i minimze them or max them save reload they are again back to standard size.

Greetz Bassbase

this is not a creative attutude for the op it’s just you post counting as ive seen you do in endless posts from you GOD like creature .
Could you explain more , is this every project or is it after an update ? or what was the last version you were capable of saving the lane sizes ?

Hi Bassbase, I’m pretty sure we’re talking about the same thing. I have a project with multiple vocal takes/ lanes of one track. I change the size of the lanes, save the project, then reopen and the lanes are the same size as previously. I’ll check again tomorrow, but I can’t think of what’s different - my specs are as in my signature. 6.5.0 to be exact, not 6.5.1.

this is not a creative attutude for the op it’s just you post counting as ive seen you do in endless posts from you GOD like creature .

What is in you eyes a creative attitude?
I am not a godlike creature, that would be nice, post count isn’t my aim for what?
And don’t be scared of my activities :wink: , their might be a time i won’t be that active, but atm too much time. too less creativity in making music, so testing out and learning what cubase can or should.

Atm using cubase 6.51 the full version. And never used the lanefunction or comping before
Seems to be in any new project i make from scratch.
The OP made his video on a mac and i am on a pc try for interrest if my system behaves same way.
And indeed if i make a miditracks and splice it up in several lanes or if i have a audiotrack and activates lanes
They appear like in my screen now when i resize them no matter if bigger or smaller > save and reload they have again same size.
resized lanes
save close and open project
So where is the difference to your settings where its possible to save the lanes?
My cubase preferences are pretty factorylike and couldn’t find a parameter to take influence.

Greetz Bassbase

I don’t know where the difference lies, but I just tried again and lane sizes are saved. Here some pictures:

Hi and thanks for the screens.

:question: Now did you change something somewhere in you settings or are your preferences also standard once.

I like those problems somewhere it works somewhere not :wink:
Any idea what setting could be the reason. And its not only a mac or a pc problem.

Filterfreak do you have an idea?

Greetz Bassbase