Feature request: layer management

Since we have 2 complete layers in Padshop (synth, arp, fxs) and we are very happy about that (by the way, with 2 engines we might also have more than 2 layers) - yet I think Padshop now suffers from having to share the same preset browser found in all Steinberg instruments. In fact here we could have a browser that lists what we have in layer 1 and layer 2 side by side, and let us choose to pick another layer for our sound either for layer 1 or layer 2, much like we do with the samples: I mean, in the synth page I set all my settings with a sample, then click on the triangle in the waveform upper right and browse different samples with my settings, amazing feature. If we could save a layer as layer-preset and load a layer in this suitable browser, building new own presets would be much faster. I appreciate that the step modulator programming, the phrases in the arp and the single fx presets may be saved, I consider a little odd that we cannot save a layer. Is there anybody in this forum that would like a layer management as well in the next Padshop release?

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