Feature Request: Ledger line accidental offset


When notes with ledger lines have accidentals, the accidentals appear ‘closer’ to the notehead than they actually are due to the presence of the ledger line. It would be great if Dorico had a feature where the accidental could be ‘offset’ by a certain amount in cases where a note had a ledger line. Otherwise, the accidentals look too close to the notes where ledger lines are present, even though they are the same actual distance from the notehead as when the note is within the staff.

(I know I can increase the distance between accidentals and noteheads, but then they are too far away where ledger lines are not present)

Are you aware of this Engraving Option?

That isn’t exactly what I want. That option gives the full ledger line instead of a shortened one, but the accidental hasn’t moved. I want the accidental to move further left for notes with ledger lines (not by a lot, just by a slight offset).

Here is the default, where the ledger line to the left of the notehead looks too short:
adjustment for ledger lines.PNG
If I leave ‘shorten ledger lines’ active but increase the “ledger lines protrude left of notehead with accidental” to 1/4 spaces it looks much better, but then the accidental looks like it’s colliding (especially when it’s smaller):
I can fix this for this note by increasing the ‘gap to right of rightmost accidental, if a flat’, from 1/4 to 3/8:
That looks good to me now, but now the issue is that all of the other flats without ledger lines are now too far away from the noteheads.

We will in due course introduce extra engraving options for the distance for each basic accidental type from notes with ledger lines, and then use those values in preference to the options that determine the default distance from notes without ledger lines, if one or more of the notes in the chord is on a ledger line.