Feature Request: Link/Unlink Tracks in Project Window

I hope this isn’t already possible. I’ve looked through the manual extensively and didn’t find any specifics.

I think it’d be nice to be able to link/unlink tracks in the Project Window instead of just the Mixer Window. I’m not referring to grouping events and/or grouping tracks in a folder. I go back and forth linking and unlinking audio tracks a lot and it gets to be a pain to always have go to the Mixer Window to do this.

I agree, and I have never understood the absence of that feature. I spend much more time in the project window than in the mixer. But you’re right, perhaps it’s not absent?


The link channels should be improved.
For me, this is a big weakness from Cubendo. If you take a look at other DAW from competition, you’ll see what I mean.
Besides that in C6 they resolved an old bug from link channels. :wink:


(my dog want it too:)

Yes, I agree, this is a problem. You can assign a couple of F keys to Link and Unlink in key commands…but it only works if the Mixer is in focus.

You’d think because Linking and Unlinking was available as a key command that it shouldn’t matter what window is in focus when multiple tracks are selected and the key commands are invoked. But it does.

But to me, that’s the minor problem with linking. The major shortcoming of the linking interface is link group assignment/identification.

Once you’ve linked some channels, there is actually no way to tell what channels are linked…unless you happen to select one of the channels in the linked group. And because you can have multiple sets of links…it gets worse. Select one unlinked fader in mix consisting of 30-40 faders and you either have to blindly click til you find a linked group (assuming you’ve forgotten…for any number of reasons) or go through the hassle of color coding linked channels.

What the feature really needs is a simple 2 digit numerical entry interface available on the Project Window, Mixer and maybe the Inspector for good measure. This doesn’t have to take up a ton of real estate…A small box for a max of two digits that opens a pull down with a limit of 99 choices (would you really need more than 99 linked groups?).

If implemeted, you could directly assign links from 2-3 places without having to pre-select anything and actually see what channels are linked together as a group without guessing. And all without limiting what window has to be in focus in order to assign faders to a link group.

Seems simple enough.


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Yes, I totally agree. Linking is essential for comfortable and efficient work when mixing for one. You start a project, come back some time later and you wonder what might be linked and how. Very much need more in way of a linking interface.


In fact, why can’t you do to a mixer track what you can to a project track - and vice versa? Like delete and move mixer channels…