Feature Request: "LIVE MODE VIEW" with Touch Screen Support + gig relevant content

Dear VST LIVE Team,

I am using VST LIVE (via Windows) and with 2 touch screens. One screen shows VST LIVE and a second screen shows scores + setlists. I am using a small convertible notebook with touch screen with 13" display.

The current user interface of VST live is working fine for me but some symbols are quite small for touch screen usage so that sometime I would need a mouse to do some actions. I really like the current user interface and love to work with in my home studio to migrate all my songs from my old VST HOST software to VST LIVE.

But on stage I would apprechiate it it would be possible to have a “LIVE mode” which shows more “LIVE-relevant” information in a more touch screen friendly way, so that I do not need to work with a computer mouse on stage.

Belowq please find 2 screeshots with some elements very small / not very “touch screen friendly”:


a) Would it be possible to have a configuration setting (via preferences menu) to support bigger symbols in the “normal VST user interface”?

b) Would it be possible to support a “live mode” which allows to work with VST LIVE in a “LIVE MODE VIEW” which is more"touch screen friendly" and which shows “gig relevant content” (e.g. Songs, Setlists, Symbols. Background: When I am playing a gig I do not need to create new songs or modify very detailed song configurations. Normally I only need to select and jump within a setlist and should be able to see if everything is loaded correctly. In a live mode it would be also more important to change volume settings for a song or sounds.

With this ticket I just want to share a first idea without a detailed requirement concept.

It would be great if you please could give a short feedback from your side.
I would also fully understood if such a topic currently would handled with the hightst priority due to other more important topics.

Kind regards


Hi @SKO,

… it’s a tricky topic to get an interface well designed for both worlds, mouse and touch. We already added some options for touch controls : Scrollbar size, menu size and scrolling. The can be found in the INTERFACE section of the Preferences. Did you see them? The “+” and “-” controls for Adding and Removing Layers are too small. But what about the “+” and “-” controls in the layer direct (Transpose, Octave)? They should be too small, too. I have the feeling that all controls are too small for you? If you like you can give us some scribble? We are listening!

… for point [1] : Maybe you just need a view which you could define with “own” buttons, fader and knobs in size and color. And those controls are connectable to any param inside VL?

… for point [2] : and it sounds like you need a “Performance View”.