Feature Request: load audio file to play in sync

Its currently not possible to load in a WAV / MP3 or any audio file into Dorico to play along in sync with a project.

The use case is that my most frequent task is turning midi string and brass mockups into score form for recording. To be able to hear the track I’ve printed minus what the score is doing playing along as I mark up the score is really useful.
I’m enjoying the workaround to export a video from cubase, which for me is just the audio and a blank screen.
In Dorico the importing of that video is very hidden but its there all the same.

I should not need to export a video to accomplish this and I will not be the only user with a workflow like this!

Nor are you the first to request it. It’s been requested many times.

Fair enough - I hadnt seen the previous post. Let me add to the weight of the request in that case.