Feature request: lock selection

One thing that I would like to see in Dorico is the ability to temporarily lock your staff selection (that you have made orange) with a key command and then unlock it when you’ve finished editing and auditioning. I think a lot of users like myself, use VEPro, often on another monitor. When editing articulations or FX you often need to click out of Dorico and into VEPro, but when you return you click somewhere on your score to make Dorico active again, and lose your staff selection. This happens to me all the time and it’s very time consuming to re-select the staves you are working on. I know that ‘solo’ is designed for this, but with VEPro I have everything contained in one instance coming into the Dorico mixer on one fader so solo is not applicable. I don’t like to split everything out onto different channels in VEPro so that they come into the Dorico mixer on different channels; All the FX can be done in VEPro. (Maybe having Groups in the mixer will help in the future) I guess my request is similar to ‘Focus on Staves’ in Sibelius, however, I never really used that in Sibelius because I like to still see all the music even though I might be working on only a few staves. Creating new layouts for each combination is also not an option really. Simply being able to lock the staff selection quickly would solve this, at least for me. Unless I’m missing something. Thank you.

At least on Mac, Cmd-Tab gives focus to whichever program without any need to click the mouse. IIRC Alt-Tab on Windows achieves the same thing.

Thanks Leo, Yes, I use Cmd-Tab all the time and indeed that did occur to me, so it is a solution of sorts. I think such a feature as I suggested would still be very useful though, and I expect something along the lines of ‘focus on staves’ to appear in Dorico at some point. It will be interesting to see how it is implemented.

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