Feature Request: Lockable zoom settings per track

I like to zoom and keep audio tracks big on the screen, however, I think you should be able to choose (like in Reaper) which track should stay small, like video tracks for example. Maybe a lock-zoom per track.



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Great feature suggestion!

As a workaround for now you can use a split project window. The two partitions already allow separate zooms. I constantly have things in the upper part that I need to see but don’t actually edit: marker tracks and rulers, of course, but also video, reference audio tracks, intermediate prints of the current mix, sometimes my entire mix bus structure with all parallel inputs, and the so-called “garage” - a closed and muted folder with obsolete or temporarily unused tracks. :slight_smile:



The workaround works ok in many situations. But when I work with audio only, I very often use the function “select all following events”. Unfortunately it then doesn’t select any events in the other part. :frowning: