FEATURE REQUEST: Logic Like "Flex time" toggle

It would be really great if rather then having to select audio regions and “Set definition from tempo” crap from a drop down menu we had a track toggle for an audio track to follow the project tempo. It’s so easy in Logic to engage and dis-engage “flex-time,” as well as to set default time stretching algorithms on a TRACK basis (rather then region basis.)

Anyone agree?

Are you familiar with the Musical Time Base toggle button? I may misunderstand but that may be what you are looking for. If it is on, and you change the tempo, for example, the clips on that track will stretch or compress accordingly.

Was about to write just that.

(and my unbiased opinion is that the quality of Cubase’s Musical Mode is superior to Logic’s Flex Time :wink: )

Oh yeah…
I think I meant Musical Mode. Musical Time Base adjusts the START point of the clips based on bars/beats, etc., whereas, Musical MODE adjusts the LENGTH of the clips. I hope I got that right.

Hmm I see that I can apply “Musical Mode” to separate audio clips/regions, but there’s no way to set an entire TRACK to operate in that mode, is there?

Musical Timebase vs Linear only applies to how clips are linked to the grid, AFAIK. All my tracks are in Musical time base, but the audio won’t stretch unless I either select and it click Audio → Advanced-> Set Definition from Tempo, or open the region in the clip editor and enable stretching there.

What I’d love is, like logic, a track based toggle, not a clip based toggle.

Just Alt_click in the track, to select all the clips, then go up to the Info Line, and activate Musical Mode from there.

Ah, did not know about the info bar. Very handy! While I’d prefer a one click toggle this works well enough. Thanks!