[Feature request] Longer Name fields (or something similar) in "instrument Playing Techniques"

I was wondering if the Dorico dev team could consider a solution to show the complete name of the instrument playing technique? Of course only, if I am not doing anything wrong with the following:

I came into the situation where I wanted to map Dorico’s “Claves” instrument to the 3 options that EW Hollywood percussion offers. To do that I created new playing techniques (InstrVar Low, InstrVar Medium, InstrVar High) to assign different note heads.

However, the interface does not offer any options to view the complete name of a playing technique once it becomes too long. At least I didn’t find one. Correct me, if I am wrong, please! Thank you!

Yes, this isn’t ideal. I’ll make a note that we should somehow show a read-out or add a tooltip or something here.

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