feature request: Loudness Display graph in Audio Montage

the loudness display is great to get a quick overview in a single audio file.
working on the whole of an album in the audio montage it would be very helpful to get the same display for each contained audio file in the montage but in the context of the whole CD. instant visual feedback of where the tracks sit in terms of loudness and what needs to be done in that regard.

This may be impossible to do if you are looking for the loudness AFTER all your plugin processing because WaveLab would have to make a new temporary render of the audio any time a change is made to a plugin, clip gain, or clip volume envelope.

I could see it being useful and doable for the source audio before any processing occurs.

There was one thing that I thought Studio One did better than WaveLab in this regard and that is for each song in a montage, you can press a button to calculate the loudness of a song and it will display the loudness both before and after your plugin processing but again, that requires a temporary background render of the audio which takes a bit of time depending on the amount of plugins used and your computer’s CPU power.

i am interested in the loudness BEFORE processing because it informs me about the path to take with my processing in terms of loudness. of course, the AFTER results would be even better, but i see the complication.

thanks justin

You could render the montage without processing, and see the loudness then.
There is an option to facilitate this effect-less rendering:

thats one workaround that i’m also using. that’s why i suggest the feature, which would be a kind of batch analyse of each audio clip in the montage.