Feature Request: Lua scripting API documentation


Is there a documentation ( or just the list available API methods/function) for scripting with Lua?

If not, I hope it will be considered soon.

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No. Your best bet is just to record scripts and see what commands are written to the file. There’s no way of querying properties.

Well! I see the scripting capablities were included in Dorico since 2012, if not earlier.

Steinberg please add the documentations!

IIRC, it’s not “official” since it’s not complete. Use it if it works (I’ve used it for a few small things), but it’s still a future prospect that needs more development work. Team has said they’re going to focus on core functionality before they turn towards scripting.

Seeing as Dorico v1 wasn’t released until October 2016, I don’t know quite where you’re getting a 2012 date from. The development team were only hired in November 2012, and to the best of my knowledge, no programming at all (LUA related or otherwise) was done in 2012.

Scripting is not finished. The developers don’t want people to start building third party add-ons using scripting capabilities that are likely to (significantly) change.

As of now, there is no interface for extracting information from the Dorico project programmatically, which would be a reasonable definition of “an API”.

A script can do any action that you can perform manually, and of course you can do anything that the underlying Lua language can do. You can discover the scripting command to do something by recording a macro and looking at the code.

However there is no guarantee that the final version of scripting will be the same as the current one.