Feature request: Lyrics' extension lines new option

I would like to suggest a new feature that could allow to set as default that the extension line for lyrics extended to the end of the note’s duration, instead as just after the note head. Something like the similar option for tuplets, that can be set to be extended to the end of the tuplet duration.

:confused: I can’t say I’ve ever seen that, and Gould expressly says not to (p. 447). Would they go to the start of the next notehead? (Or at least as close as the next syllable would allow.)? Beyond the barline?

Coincidentally, I was just discussing the need/point of extension lines on another forum. An extension tells you not to ‘close’ the syllable (e.g. consonants or vowel modification) you’re singing on the current notehead, but keep going to the next notehead. Once you’re on a notehead with no line running beyond it, then you know to close the syllable when the duration ends.

An extension running to almost the next note suggests further extension of the syllable to that next note.

I had to sing from a score recently that put extension lines for a bit on lengthy single notes! It looked awful and confusing.

Thank you for your observations. Despite it is not a good idea in general, there may be some cases in which it could be useful. I post an example (probably not the best):

I am also thinking in examples that something happens during the long note, for example:

I can’t see the point of the first one: why is bar 2 not the same as 4 and 6?

But as you say: these are special cases rather than the default, and thus easily achieved by adjusting the individual items.

I have left both cases in the same example to allow comparison, I would prefer the first one.
And yes, they could be adjusted manually, but if you have a lot of these cases might be helpful to have an option. Just proposing :slight_smile:

I’d be interested to know what the reason is for doing it in this situation.

I accept that conventions need to be broken for new situations, when it conveys new information. But I can’t see what this achieves. Extension lines, like slurs or ties, extend TO something.

The default short extension line looks ugly to me… But it is just a subjective appreciation. As I have told at the beginning, it is not probably the best example :slight_smile:
Thanks for your interest.

You can remove the very short ones altogether. Dorico has a setting for the minimum length. That’s probably a better solution.

Thank you!