Feature request - major improvement to Key COmmands

There are a lot of us that don’t use Key commands. This is bad for us and bad for Steinberg. Frankly when I look at the Key Command dialogue, though I do understand it I phase out. It’s like trying to memorize a telephone directory (remember those)? _

Current system:

If I assign “Agent Show Channels/Tracks with Data at the Cursor position” to Alt 9, one might be forgiven, after a heavy session, that the next morning , if one can’t remember if it was alt 9? Or maybe ctrl 9? Or shift 9? or then again shift 8, or alt ctrl 9? And what was that pesky name again? How can you search and find the key command if you can’t even remember its name?

That is the issue!

We are human (most Cubase users anyway) . I like visuals. Why not a pictorial representation of a keyboard in full color, looking just like those bespoke Cubase querty keyboards, but this one is on screen and integrated into Cubase with a button in the project window to pop it up. There would be different views

View 1. the plain view’ (e.g what is allocated to the basic letters)
The Hold down shift view (accessed by holding down shift - genius idea that)
The Alt view (accessed by… .you guessed it)
The alt +Shift view
The alt + command view

and so on.

Each of these views would show the key commands Cubase had currently allocated to it.

So, when your working in the project window and you happen to forget the key combo you assigned to " Visibility combination 5), you could simply bring up the picture of this keyboard and find out where you put it.
The current “Key commands” Editor could stay, but this would be an instant readout of exactly where you placed stuff.

I think if this were in Cubase, it would be very popular and convert a lot of us amnesiacs and spliffoholics, to using key commands much more often.

A good idea would be a print keycommands template built in. Meaning clicking it would export a nice table as a pdf that we can print that has all our keycommands visible on 1 side of A4. A lot of thought would need to be put into it by Steinberg on how it would display commands grouped via alt/ctrl/shift modifiers… it would be up to us to group those creatively to work better when choosing the command.

A keycommand that brings up the keycommand view! Keycommand view being an entirely new screen, edition to Cubase.

Another thing that should of existed 5 versions back. Even this Forum has 1.