Feature Request - make audio montage rendering dialog default to folder location of montage file

When working in the montage, I click “render”. I’m just rendering a single clip using “union of selected clips”. In the render dialog I can select the name, location, and format.

I would like to request that the default “location” that appears in the location field be the same folder as the location of the montage file. I might still create a sub-folder within that folder before rendering, and save the file there… BUT, for some reason, Wavelab always seems to choose the wrong location folder (often a folder belonging to a totally different client). I think it’s choosing wherever I last rendered… but I’m not working on that project anymore. This causes me to be constantly navigating through my hard disk “location” folders until I finally arrive at the correct folder for the montage I’m working on. It seems to happen almost every single time I render something… I feel something should be changed. It’s annoying.



I retain the idea.

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Thanks PG!