Feature Request: Make markers visible in the Sample Editor

OK, I might be hasty and don’t actually know if this feature exists on C6 or not, but in the case it doesn’t then read on;

Would be nice to have markers visible in Sample Editor since when you have, for example, to vocal lines on separate tracks and you’d like to adjust the endings of the vocals, so that they match - I mean if the second vocal line goes on for too long at some point, you want to shorten the end (time compress) - then I would find it handy to put a MARKER on the timeline to where one would like to strecth/shorten the vocal line, and see the exact same marker on the SE, where I will do the vocal editing on.

So that you wouldn’t have to just try out with different values, playing it all over again a zillion times.

I know you could put the Sample Editor in a non-full-screen window and that way do it, by watching the event display as it updates the audio waveform graphics, but it’s unnecessarily inconveniant.

If I had the possibility to see the markers on the Sample Editor, there would be soooo much less work and would be very conveniant too.

I noticed this 3 hours ago when I actually used the Audio Warp tool for the first time in a bigger project. It was one heck of a job to maneuver with the floating windows and taking the SE window in the front from the Window-menu, as I had 9 vocal tracks (with adjacent events) and pretty much editing to do since the vocal lines were not sang exactly the same.

I know, I know: “Tell you customers to learn to sing!” :smiley:

Any thoughts? I mean… Is there any reason NOT TO have (by choice) the markers also available in SE?

Yes. I’d like markers in other editors as well; keyeditor markers would be swell.