Feature Request: Make MIDI tracks fully routable

Is there a technical limitation behind midi tracks not being able to route to each other? It makes things so frustrating and confusing and midi sends are not a good workaround.

This question or request does not have enough context to give a proper reply, or for serious consideration by the developers.

Maybe it would help to ask, What is your goal in routing from one midi track to another?

It would be useful for the developers if we can describe the situations where this can be of benefit, especially the cases where there is no other way to do something.

I can tell from your question that you’ve already explored the possibilities of MIDI sends, so I’m going to guess you want to have MIDI dynamically generated on one track get sent, parallel, to another track – am I close?

A common workflow for me that has developed from my bitwig/ableton usage is to route a track with note (usually chord) information to many other tracks each with midi modifiers (e.g. echo’s arps) enabled to essentially orchestrate in real time.

In cubase the only way to really do this is to use midi sends (which for some reason only exist on midi tracks) which limit you to 4 sends with one insert each as you can’t select a midi track as input for an instrument track you can only select instruments as destinations for midi tracks (this alone is so bizarre and wonky).

Another side effect of this is it’s very hard to ID from an instrument track all sources which feedit midi data - maybe there is a way to see this using the browser but it’s not at all clear how you could take an instrument and easily see a list of all midi signals (tracks and inputs) that feed it data.

Logic solved this rather well back in the day with the environment (which is now on it’s way to deprecation?) and ableton solves it with it’s routing UI on each track.

MIDI sends on instrument tracks have been a user request for as long as I’ve been a Cubase user. So have more than four sends where we do have them. Sadly, these requests have so far fallen on deaf ears.


I feel like there must be some legacy code reason why this isn’t possible - it’s so bizarre

I use Virtual MIDI Cables to get around most of the limitations of internal MIDI routing in Cubase. This is Chord Track specific, but the approach will work for whatever.

That’s the only thing that makes sense.

Midi and Audio should have abolutely corresponding routing options. This is a very principal thing: Both are “signals” (flows of information) and there is no reason why routing of any signal flow should be different from another. THe benefit lies in absolute flexibility. Having said this: For me “automation” is also just a “flow of information” and automation tracks should be routable as well - so we can decide, which parameter on whatever kind of track a certain automation lane controls (and the relationship should be many to many, of course).
Just my 2 cents worth.

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