Feature Request: Make Steinberg plugins always readily available

I’m pretty new to Cubase and one thing that puzzled me was that we have to go searching for the Steinberg plugins that come with the DAW. Why not make it so they’re always at the fore-front, ready to use? But make it an option: eg ON by default but can be turned off for those who like to arrange plugins how they want. :slight_smile:

PS How about also adding more plugins (as options) to the channel strip?


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Not sure that I got your point, but any situation in which we would have to search for all added and unwanted effects activated should be avoided at all cost.

Often, I am wondering why a given ‘partial’ mix doesn’t sound as expected : most of the time, it’s a FX plug-in (Steinberg ones being essentially used, on my end), more or less hidden, and that I forgot to disable. And in this case, I always curse myself for the time lost…

The Plug-in Manager allows custom collections to be defined so you can arrange them any way you want.


Actually, you already have something similar.
You can load your own effect chain presets into the inserts (right cklick on insert). Simply save your favorite effects as presets.

You can also set your plugin search to Company Name and simply click Steinberg.

… and let’s not forget templates.

And the plugin manager prefs can always be ‘sorted by manufacturer’; one click makes it easy & all Steinberg plugs are sorted under its own named folder.

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So we’d have to click to sort by company name, scroll to the bottom and then look for Steinberg? I guess it would be good if they were at the fore-front, ready to use :wink:

True, but you have to set that all up, after learning how to do it :sweat_smile: Learning is good, but my suggestion is that they have the DAW’s plugins right there - much like they do with the channel strip. :grinning:

Hey, that’s cool. Thanks. So I guess my feature request is that they pre-create a Steinberg Collection and have it right at hand. Especially good for folks like me who are new to the DAW. :melting_face:

It would take you 10 minutes to set up. Less time than you spent in this thread.

That kind of folk would not have many (if any) third party plugins to deal with, I would think. Anyway, the solution to your problem really isn’t that painful :neutral_face: .

Your request has already been granted. That’s why Steinberg allows you to make your own custom lists of plugins…

Some of us have quite a collection of third-party plugins, you will too one day…

No offense to the Steinberg DSP team, but I don’t wan’t their plugins pushed up to the top, when I grab other things from UAD, SoundToys, Eventide, etc first. The rest of us learned how to use the plugin list the way it was intended, you should too.