Feature request: make tempo mark “hide text" a program default option

Any chance this can be made a program default via Notation Options?

How are you inputting tempo marks - if you enter just a metronome mark, you’ll only see a metronome mark. Or are you wanting to batch-hide all tempo mark text on an existing project?

Please expand a little on the reasons/contexts behind the request so the team can consider the use-case that prompts it.

Thanks, Lillie – your question, itself, led me to discover my problem:

I was entering tempo via shift-t, and typing in the BPM as a number. This automatically brought up various text+number options, and I’d choose one. I’d then have to use properties to not show the text.

Now I see that I can avoid any text by simply typing in, eg, “q=96” (or, for the same, “6=96”, etc).

So much to learn, so little time . . . :pensive: