Feature Request: Marker embedding in exported BWF

Embedded markers in BWFs are very useful: for example when exporting cues that need to loop in QLab.

Currently there is no convenient way (that I know of) to transfer markers from a Nuendo session into an exported wav without a lot of extra steps and 3rd party software.

Please can this option be added in a future version?

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As far as I remember the AES32 export preserves markers.


Hi Fredo, I just tested this out and unfortunately the audio from AES export does not contain embedded markers. Iā€™m assuming that the adl file contains the markers, which could presumably then be added back to the audio and reexported in Wavelab Pro. However, this would have to be done on a cue by cue basis, and in a project containing 100s of cues this is not really practical.

Also, to export an AES all cues would have to be bounced and reimported into the session, which adds extra steps and complexity.

Direct embedding of markers in BWF during export would immediately resolve these complex workarounds and save many many hours of work.