Feature Request: Marker Track in Edit Windows Please

It’d be nice to be able to see markers within any edit window. I’m always editing and moving stuff around in the Key Editor and it gets annoying to have to go back to the Project Window to see where I need to put stuff. Same goes with editing audio in the Sample Editor.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

One of the only “improvements” recently that may be a goody. Yes, if you’re editing a large file or concert it would be extremely handy when time is short.

Absolutely +1 please.

I’ve been recently editing to video and I create markers on the fly at certain ‘hit’ points, but editing midi in the editor (rather than in-place editing which I find to small and fiddly) makes lining the notes up with the markers really tricky because you can’t see them in the midi editor. Sometimes I resort to in-place editing but mostly I move the cursor to the appropriate place and then line the notes up with the cursor.


Many times a day I wonder why it is not available.
When working to picture it makes so much sense !!

Please pretty please

+1 Yes please!