Feature Request: Marker Track visible in Tempo Editor window

While I really like the ability to see tempo changes in the project window, I do still use the Tempo Track Editor because it offers a march larger working space and allows for more accurate adjustments. My biggest complaint about working in a new window however, is the inability to see the track position with reference to musical arrangement.

My suggestion: Allow users to be able to make either Arranger/Marker Tracks visible within the Tempo Track Editor window at the press of a button. i.e. a ‘Show/Hide Marker Track’ or ‘Show/Hide Arranger Track’. For those of us who index all of our music with markers, this would be of great help.

I have attached an image of what the Tempo Track Editor window could theoretically look like with the inclusion of the Marker Track data.

I agree that would be nice. Reading this I just realised something: does the inplace editor work for a tempo track? That’d be a fine solution for me as well.

It will be nice to have option to display Markers in all editors. For me, it will be very helpful to display it in the Key Editor, for example, too.

More than one Marker track (as it is in Nuendo), can helps too. At least 2 Marker tracks. One is in Musical mode, second is in Linear mode.

Maybe this would be even better (as an addition to the above) - have the audio “ghosted” in the tempo track window, sort of like it is in VariAudio. That would help me a lot, even if it’s only one audio track.