Feature request- markers

Hello. I’ve been a Cubasis user since the first version and would like to see a feature available on almost every other daw i work in…MARKERS.
Is there a chance that these may show up in a future update?
Sometimes, when tracking a live band using 8 tracks, we may roll for quite some time, i’d like to be able to mark heads and tails of each of the songs within one long file. It would also be helpful for editing or looping.
Thank you,

Hi djimbee5,
This feature has been requested many times over many months, and to be quite honest I can’t remember the outcome, but I’m sure Lars will put you right with his answer.
In the mean time you could always do what many of us do, and that is to create an empty track and cut this track into sections that suit you song, then name each section as required - INTRO, VERSE1, CHORUS etc etc, you can also colour these cut sections so you can see at a glance where you are in the song.
It works very well and you can position this marker track at the bottom, midway or top of your screen.
Hopefully this can suffice until maybe an update is issued
Mike :beers:

Hi @djimbee5,

Thank you for your message.

Marker support is on our list for quite some time.

Unfortunately I have no further information to share, when the feature might be included as of yet.


Thank you Lars and Mike for your responses.
Hopefully, this and other features will come out soon.