Feature Request: Master Freeze function

Hello, dear developers of Cubase/Nuendo!

Is it possible to develop “Master Freeze” knob for all VSTi instruments freeze at once?

If I have, for example, 10 NI Kontakts in panel instruments, I need 10 times to press “freeze”, answer question in menu and wait for next instruments.

Best regards,

Great idea.


I can see the advantage in being able to begin the freeze process for numerous or all vsti’s and then be able to walk away while it renders (although the actual cumulative time to render would still be roughly the same). Of course, in the current implementation, you have to do one at a time and wait for each one to finish before moving on.

I think this same topic http://www.steinberg.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=76&t=2632&hilit=freeze has been bashed around at least twice already since the new forum started…

Just sayin’

And we’re not going to forget that we want to actually be able to MOVE those frozen VSTi parts - RIGHT?



Keep it on the radar.