Feature Request - Master section preset - remember exact slots?

Anytime I load a master section preset, it moves the plugins. For example, if I have MasterRig loaded into the 2nd slot, and all other slots empty, when I load the preset, MasterRig now appears in the 1st slot instead of the 2nd.

The only reason this is a problem, is because I need to load the input plugin into slot one… so every single time I load a master section preset, the first thing I have to do is drag all of the plugins to free up slot one so I can load the input plugin. It would be helpful if Wavelab would just load the plugins back into the slots they were originally in when I saved the master section preset.


the first thing I have to do is drag all of the plugins to free up slot one

You could do this in just one easy step:

Thanks PG… that does help a little, but I still think it would be better if the master section preset would remember everything – including empty effect slots.


I too would like it if the master section remembered the preset exactly as I saved it.

Another request to change WL just because one person (OK two people) want WL to be set up for the way they work. Never had a problem with the way it is currently configured. FWIW

We are not just two people - as every Wavelab user is not here on the forum. We are representative of a wide user base – many of which will agree with us – although it appears one who does not is here (you) – we are two at least – you are just one. Your attitude really sucks by the way – what possible reason would you have for arguing against such a small feature request? This will make my life slightly simpler – and will probably not ever even affect you. Also – if we always just accept Wavelab the way it is like you do – how does the program ever develop and grow? Feedback is essential for product improvement and development – I’m guessing with your attitude, you are not going to be much of a contributor in that regard. Well, some of us are creatively minded – and our ideas often lead in a good direction… I understand though that not everyone is like that. You have every right to offer nothing creatively.

Anyway – this feature change is minor – and it makes more sense than the way things currently work.

I never use the global master section because it annoys me but if I did, I could see wanting it to remain exactly the same as I left it.

That being said, sometimes when I’m working in the montage master section and I remove some plugins, I close the montage and reopen it to remove the empty slots and reduce the chance of anything weird happening due to empty slots while rendering.

The way I see it, the solution is already there so no new feauture necessary. Actually, I like WL cleaning up after me and removing empty slots the next time I re-open a master section preset.

Yes, that is kind of what I was trying to say. Even with Clip FX and Montage Output FX, I’ve caught myself just closing and reopening the montage to clean up empty slots within a chain.

Do any of you use the input plug-in? I’m guessing no.

Well ok, I will gladly continue to move the plug-ins and load the input plug in every single time I load a master section preset if I must.

FWIW, I wish the master section just had a key-command controllable bypassable input switch to enable/disable input monitoring – rather than having to load input plugin into a dedicated insert slot. I use the master section just like the input channels in Cubase - monitoring through it while working. Once I’m happy, I record the audio, and drag the plugins from the master section into the clip FX for the newly recorded clip (except for dither - which remains in the master section).

Yeah, I think the bigger issue here is that WaveLab is just a bit clumsy when it comes to the analog play/capture process. So much so that I gladly do this in another DAW to save time and promote accuracy and consistency between alternate captures of the same song regarding timing etc. and combining takes/captures and even easily punching in down to the same on works in progress if only a small part of the song has changed requiring a new print.

I use another DAW as well… but I can’t add yet a 3rd DAW!! :laughing:

My current chain:

While working:
Cubase (some plugin FX here) --> D/A (at any sample rate) --> Analog Hardware --> A/D (usually at 44khz) --> monitor in Wavelab via input plugin and master section. This path avoids any sample rate conversion and allows for one single pass through converters.

When happy, I record the incoming audio from the A/D in Wavelab, and I drag the master FX into the montage clip FX for the newly recorded clip. Then I load an “empty” master section preset to empty the master section, and I begin the next song. I like to do A/B level comparisons between the clip I’m working on, and other clips… so each time I want to do that, I have to manually unload the input plugin to hear the level of clips in Wavelab, and then reload the input plugin to hear the level of the audio I’m mastering.

Ah, I just do the entire play/capture in another DAW and use WaveLab for the montage assembly, any final clip FX for small tweaks and final limiter and dither on the montage output FX. No global master section needed which is nice because all settings are saved and loaded in the montage without extra effort.

ahh yeah. I like the convenience of recording directly into the Montage. Also, how do you use any of Wavelab’s meters while monitoring? I like to use them while working…

Can you record directly into the montage? I haven’t tried it. I thought you could only record to a new audio file and them load that into a montage.

For metering during the analog play/capture I definitely don’t/can’t use the WaveLab metering. I have a set of Dorrough hardware AES meters, a TC Clarity M, and also Flux Pure Analyzer rigged up to all be working and visible.

I do appreciate WaveLab’s metering when I’m in the montage though setting the final level with the digital limiter and whatnot.

Ahh yeah… I like and use the Wavelab meters for everything I do.

As far as recording directly into the montage, yes - in the record dialog there is a setting - you change the drop-down from something like “create new audio file” to “add directly to montage track”… And Wavelab remembers that setting so I always record into the montage without having to change it.

If PG would change the way WL works for all the people who request changes due to the way “they work” then WL would be a mess. Just because YOU work a certain way does not mean EVERYONE wants to work that way. What happened to the idea that you work with what you have? I do a lot of video editing using Adobe Premier and Vegas. Sure there are minor things that I would like changed but overall I just learn to work around them. In the past few months I have seen more and more requests to change WL because the person works a certain way. Your attitude also is not great. Me first everyone else can just adapt to MY way of working. FWIW

I have offered a lot of suggestion over the years and I have been a WL user since version 1.6 so I have seen ALL the changes. I love the current version of WL and think it is PG’s best work to date. I see more and more requests from newbies (not saying you are one of them) for small changes in the way WL works. The problem is the more you tweak the program for individual ways of working the more you mess with its basic functions which is as a MASTERING software program. It is not and was never envisioned as an ALL IN ONE do everything DAW. People want it to be a multi-track recording software or a midi addressable software and some have even asked that it be usable with synth modules for composing. There are many other programs out there much better suited for the tasks requested than WL. Maybe you need to look into alternative software for what you are doing. Leave WL as a mastering program.

Umm… maybe you didn’t read anything I wrote at all. Mastering is exactly what I do with Wavelab… So because I requested that the master section presets be recalled exactly as I save them, I need to:

??? Your conclusion seems a bit off-center. I’ve got better things to do than fight with you here… I posted a feature suggestion. If you want to argue and fight against every feature suggestion I make on here, feel free to do it. We are all free to voice our opinions here.

BTW, You say you’ve been with Wavelab since V1.6. You may have noticed then, that PG occasionally listens to feature suggestions posted here and incorporates them into the program. You even say the newest incarnation of 9.5 is his best work to date. I AGREE. And that latest work today includes both ideas from PG/Steinberg, AND many feature requests Wavelab users have made on the forum here over the years (PG obviously cares about the opinions of Wavelab users). I plan to continue posting suggestions here whenever I have them.

Great keep posting.

I will too.

I am all for innovative changes in WL if they serve the common good. I am not too happy when people want things incorporated that only they will use. I like the way WL works now and never want to go back to 7 or 8 (both of which were, IMHO, terrible), I stayed with WL6 until WL9 came out. I think we all want the best WL we can have and we all want to have it be the best program for mastering. Some of the other “bells and whistles” that some people want are really not what WL is designed for. I use Adobe Audition, Wavelab, Sound Forge, RX advanced, Reaper, Audacity and Samplitude for my work and I would not try and master in another program except WL. Different strokes for different folks…

Have a good week! :smiley: